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The Ex Semopac president and CEO has decades of industry experience, which has taken him all across the globe- working as a bottled water consultant in more than 50 countries, contributing to 30 home and office delivery (HOD) start-ups in North America and Europe, and having owned both HOD and small-pack private label bottled water business.”

Bottled Water Reporter– Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 p.35

Talk to Richard
  • 15+ years as President and CEO of Semopac a manufacturer of 3-5 gallon HOD returnable bottles

  • 18 + years as President and CEO of Semorack a manufacturer of HOD plastic racks ( now H2OD Racks)

  • Owned and operated a HOD bottling-distribution business

  • Owned and operated a single serve private label business

  • 15+ years as active member of IBWA ( where he served on the technical and the suppliers committees

  • 15+ years as an active board member of NEBWA (

  • Speaker at 2010 and 2012 Nebwa conferences

  • Speaker at Interbev 2010 Fall conference


      Richard Rouillard

Richard has over 30 years of industry experience which has taken him all across the globe- working as a bottled water consultant in more than 50 countries, contributing to 30 home and office delivery (HOD) startups in North America and Europe and having owned both HOD and small-pack private label bottled water businesses.He is the founder and President of Semorack a manufacturer of HOD modular plastic racks.

Richard is best known as the CEO of Semopac a major manufacturer of quality 3 & 5 gallon reusable bottles for the HOD industry of Canada and the USA. He was also VP of business development for Semopac International a manufacturer of HOD bottles operating in Western Europe.

In 2013 he co-founded H2OD Solutions a supplier of products and services to the bottled water industry and NicheSolutionMarketing a firm helping small businesses plan, strategize and execute explosive growth. Richard is a business development expert with a proven track record.

      Carroll Steve Keim

‘’Steve is a marketing and general management professional with 30+ years of positive leadership with HOD businesses in America and Overseas.

In the HOD industry Steve has been President of Hidell-Eyster International (global bottled water consulting firm), VP of Primo Water Corporation ( retail & vending bottled water), Managing Director of Neverfail Springwater in Australia( HOD), and President of Sierra Spring Water during its turnaround and sale.

He was also President at several other HOD companies including Belmont Springs Water, Aquarius Water Co, Abita Springs (turnaround) and Norway Springs.’’

      Daphnée Rouillard

Daphnée has over 15 years of experience in managing a small business.

For about 10 years as the operations manager of Semopac in Canada, Daphnée was responsible for overseeing work flows, business processes, communications, purchases, human resources, cash flow, accounting and customer service.

She also contributed to the annual business plan and budget. Fond of her degree in communication, she co- founded in 2013 H2OD Solutions and NicheSolutionMarketing where she oversees their daily operations, supervises marketing campaigns and keeps projects on track.

        Frédéric Farah

I have been working for the last 16 years in Multimedia and Marketing. Where I recently hold a certificate specializing in Marketing and communications from McGill University. Where I am still pursing a MBA. I also hold a Bachelor degree in computer science from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México.

I am managing a team of young professionals that serve a wide range of activities, including Web design,
digital marketing, mobile & web development.

We develop online strategies with the goal of maximizing profits or share of the market while ensuring the customers are satisfied.

“Make no mistake Richard Rouillard knows a thing or two about Bottled water”

We are pleased with the 5 gallon PET bottles to date. They are standing up well to client use and our Bottling process. The Production code has recently been added and this is a welcome feature. The demand for a BPA free bottle has grown and these PET bottles help us in meeting our clients’ expectations.
NicheSolutionMarketing has been a vendor for Harford Glen Water for several years because they have quality products at competitive prices and they provide outstanding customer service. Like any good business partner, NicheSolutionMarketing helps us look good to our customers. We always know that we can count on NicheSolutionMarketing and we can recommend then to anyone except our competitors!’’
‘Blue Ridge Premium Water has been purchasing water bottles from H2OD Solutions for several years because of the quality of their products and mostly for their unbeatable customer service. They are knowledgeable and very responsive. Whenever we have a question, a problem or looking for help. we always contact them first. We know that we’ll get a quick and strait answer. We recommend them to anyone.
Victor Adamczyk, Owner , Blue Ridge Premium Water
”Richard your racks are the best I have ever used by far if someone needs a reference tell them to give me a shout”
Mike Gibson, Owner, Absolute Bottled Water