Find What  Our Customers Are Saying !

We are pleased with the 5 gallon PET bottles to date. They are standing up well to client use and our Bottling process. The Production code has recently been added and this is a welcome feature. The demand for a BPA free bottle has grown and these PET bottles help us in meeting our clients’ expectations.
NicheSolutionMarketing has been a vendor for Harford Glen Water for several years because they have quality products at competitive prices and they provide outstanding customer service. Like any good business partner, NicheSolutionMarketing helps us look good to our customers. We always know that we can count on NicheSolutionMarketing and we can recommend then to anyone except our competitors!’’
‘Blue Ridge Premium Water has been purchasing water bottles from H2OD Solutions for several years because of the quality of their products and mostly for their unbeatable customer service. They are knowledgeable and very responsive. Whenever we have a question, a problem or looking for help. we always contact them first. We know that we’ll get a quick and strait answer. We recommend them to anyone.
Victor Adamczyk, Owner, Blue Ridge Premium Water
”Richard your racks are the best I have ever used by far if someone needs a reference tell them to give me a shout”
Mike Gibson, Owner, Absolute Bottled Water